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»   Hamilton couple charged with defrauding disability program {view link}

»   RT @FightTheCRA: The Canada Revenue Agency’s Headquarters are in the Connaught Building. How appropriate. They Connaught review a request…

»   RT @CanRevAgency: #CRAcharities: Our website address has changed to {view link} #Charities and qualified donees must update th…

»   Don't call back: 'One ring scam' targets phones across Canada {view link}

»   ‘I should be a smart guy. I wasn’t.’ How the CRA tax scam keeps duping us {view link} via @torontostar

»   @ChrisCuomo @donlemon I have a theory. GOP don't like Trump never have. Trump thinks GOP loves him by their actions… {view link}

»   Top CRA executives pocket $35,000 a year in performance pay {view link}

»   Marijuana sector’s books more like ‘audited hallucinations’ than financial statements, accountants say {view link}

»   RT @TaxTipsCdn: Which is Better - TFSA or RRSP?

Whether a TFSA or RRSP would be a better for you depends on your income and your financial…

»   RT @christophurious: Trump Casinos- shutdown
Trump Airlines- shutdown
Trump University- shutdown
Trump Steaks- shutdown
Trump Vodka- shutdo…

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