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»   @CNNPolitics @wolfblitzer @ChrisCuomo UK reporting that Piers Morgan may become next chief of staff.
Piers Morgan s… {view link}

»   Bad habits: Two nuns embezzle $500,000 for Las Vegas casino trips @LBC {view link}

»   Hamilton Man Charged with Fraud from Canadian Orpheus Male Choir {view link}

»   I don’t feel bad. I’m not going to stop. And you will never, ever catch me, says CRA scammer {view link}

»   Accountant Jeffrey Bevan stole £50,000 from his own mother @LBC {view link}

»   'I was appalled': More than $7K stolen from passengers' bank accounts in taxi debit fraud {view link}

»   How $1 million was allegedly stolen from a Hamilton hospital union {view link}

»   RT @TheSpec: Hamilton's forensic pathologists are seeing a surge in their workload that is being directly attributed to increasing opioid o…

»   Security minister reveals knowledge of football money-laundering investigation @LBC {view link}

»   Fake Uber driver pleads guilty to sexual assault and fraud {view link}

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