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»   CRA's new fingerprinting policy could create travel problems for accused tax evaders {view link}

»   Door-to-door salesmen scam senior out of $210K {view link}

»   Flooring contractor charged with fraud, theft in Hamilton - {view link}

»   It could happen to anyone…don't let your business be next {view link} via @YouTube

»   @CNNTonight @David_Gergen @CNN having the press corps is just the same as a company having an auditor. Accountability and Transparency.

»   Hamilton cancer faker Sarah Lucas sentenced to two years in prison {view link}

»   Why Older Adults Are So Susceptible To Financial Fraud via @forbes {view link}

»   Fake gold being peddled by fraudsters, warn city police {view link}

»   $20M cash found stuffed under mattress in pyramid scheme investigation {view link} via the @FoxNews Android app

»   Canadians face some tax changes in the new year after a busy 2016 {view link}

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