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»   RT @CanRevAgency: Doing your taxes helps prevent delays in receiving your benefits like the #CCB. {view link}

»   Well said @LindseyGrahamSC. POTUS is disgrace to America and the American People. {view link}

»   @wolfblitzer @DavidChalian any other employee who tweeted what POTUS did would be fired.

»   'Liar' carer who stole £300k from woman, 102, jailed for 9 years {view link}

»   'Tax gap' report suggests CRA misses billions in uncollected taxes {view link}

»   RT @CanRevAgency: #Scammers call posing as CRA agents. If you get a strange call, here’s what to do: {view link} {view link}

»   Madoff Fund Paid Millions to Breeden Firm, Zero to Victims {view link}

»   CRA worker briefly accesses accounts of 1,264 taxpayers {view link}

»   Man admits to duping women into sex for porn 'rehearsals' {view link} via the @FoxNews Android app

»   Canada Revenue Agency grapples with 'phantom' worker pay {view link}

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