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SISO looks for new ED
November 26, 2010

Looks like the public is getting up set about the amounts of salary the ED makes. After reading the article on the Hamilton Spectator website, read the commets. [READ MORE]

The SISO Saga Continues
November 13, 2010

 With the arrest of the Executive Director I wonder if this is possibly the beginning of the end for SISO. [READ MORE]

You asked us - Who and how much can be contributed to an RRSP?
November 7, 2010

Anyone with "earned income" can contribute to an RRSP, up to and including the year that the contributor turns 71 years of age [READ MORE]

Employed or Self Employed
November 6, 2010

Just don’t make the assumption that you are right or that you were advised by a friend because he does it. When it comes to the CRA they make the rules. Payback such as CPP, tax and EI could cripple your business if you are not careful. If it is consistent, you could face fraud charges.



Registered Charity Information Return
November 4, 2010

Revised Registered Charity Information Return [READ MORE]

You Asked Us: How much income can be earned tax free in Canada in 2010?
October 23, 2010

The "Tax Free Zone" is also known as the Basic Personal Amount, a sum expressed in dollars but then multiplied by the lowest tax rate to arrive at the amount of tax savings that it represents. [READ MORE]

Tone at the Top – It starts with the Board & Senior Management
October 18, 2010

You have probably heard it said often that “ the Tone at the Top sets the pace for the organization.” It’s just as true for nonprofits as it is for business. [READ MORE]

Employer Fraud
October 16, 2010

Have you experienced fraud within your organization? [READ MORE]

Keep your records to support your tax return
October 8, 2010

The Canada Revenue Agency issued a release advising Canadians who plan to file their tax returns electronically, (or who do not submit information slips and receipts with their paper-filed return) to keep their tax records in case they are contacted by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). [READ MORE]